Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Ethical gardening

Yesterday I attended a workshop designed to gauge the community's response to setting up a team of volunteer weed spotters for the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) here in Victoria.
Participants came from a wide range of plant-associated clubs (Organic, Orchid, Field Naturalists, Landcare, Garden, Australian Plants) and the discussion was about 'new' weeds, the garden plants that might escape over the fence in the future.
The main point to come out of the discussion was that it's all very well to spot and map the weeds, but what will be the response from DPI, DSE and local councils. Spotters will lose enthusiasm for the task if nothing is done to control or eradicate the new weeds before they get out of control.
The question was asked, 'What plants do you already have growing in your garden that is a potential escapee?' I must admit to having a Hakea laurina in my garden and it is on the weed list for our area. But my neighbour is worse. He has lots of Agapanthus (that he doesn't deadhead) and Pittosporum undulatum, a plant that is native to this state but a weed in this district. But all of these are known weeds. I wonder what I have growing that is a potential weed.

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