Monday, 10 December 2007

A plot reserved for the future

This afternoon I went out to the Bannockburn Cemetery, west of Geelong, to see what was flowering. The cemetery land was reserved in the 1800s, a large block for what turned out to be a small population, and most of the land remains as a remnant patch of what the volcanic plains grassland once was. It is now a protected flora reserve as well as a cemetery. All the vegetation in the photo below is natural to the area and the reserve is almost weed free.

I was very pleased to see Blue Devil was flowering, also Pink Bindweed and Lemon Beautyheads as well as wallaby grass and kangaroo grass - all are plants typical of the plains.

Blue Devil

Pink Bindweed

Beetle on Wallaby-grass

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Duncan said...

Sounds like a good spot Boobook, I must have a look next time I'm down your way in spring. The plants you illustrate are new ones for me.