Sunday, 2 December 2007

See through to the sea

Yesterday I was part of a team trying to find as many bird species in one day as we could. We were competing in the annual Challenge Bird Count against other teams in other areas doing the same thing.

At Point Addis, while my team members were trying to locate the Rufous Bristlebird, I got distracted by the metal, two-dimensional, see-through sculpture on the information board. It depicted Victoria's floral emblem Pink Heath Epacris impressa.

Epacris impressa

Point Addis

Recently we visited Geraldton, Western Australia and I was very taken with three instances using the same technique. One was of a wall depicting a school of fish on the boardwalk on the sea side of the Geraldton Museum. Another was the memorial to the ship Sydney that went down with all hands off the coast near Geraldton in World War 2. On the dome there is a bird for every lost sailor. And the third was a lookout that had been installed at Greenough in memory of a child who had drowned.


Sydney Memorial, Geraldton


By the way, my team found the Bristlebird. It called beautifully for us and wandered out onto the carpark. What a stunning bird it is.


Duncan said...

You left out the important bit Boobook, how many bird species did you tick?

boobook48 said...

Hi Duncan
We saw 127 species including White-browed and Masked Woodswallows, Brolga and the Rufous Bristlebird - a few below our average. We dipped on Black-shouldered Kite, Restless Flycatcher, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater. It was very hot and tiring day, but fun.

Duncan said...

An impressive total Boobook, I've photographed the bristlebird in the Point Addis car park, it's a wonderful bird.

Christofurry said...

Did you get my birthday greetings? Luv your photos, you're getting better, a few years and you'll be up to my standard. (Joking) They're great. C.