Thursday, 10 January 2008

Lone eucalypt


In the 1840s the area that is now our farm was part of a squatter's station on Crown Land, and the natural vegetation was left more or less intact. In the 1860s the land was opened up for selection and the land was purchased on a lease arrangement from the government. As part of the agreement the farmer had to clear and fence the land. This was done gradually, and the clearing was not always total. Trees were often left isolated in paddocks.

We have a few remnant trees on our farm, but they are dying or dead. This happens because a tree that has grown up surrounded by other vegetation in a bush doesn't cope very well when it is left to stand alone. We leave them after they die, because so many birds use them as lookout trees and resting places.

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Duncan said...

make good photographic subjects too, Boobook ;-)