Monday, 21 July 2008

Living wild in Queensland

Our last day in Queensland, where it's 25 degrees. Tomorrow we fly back to Geelong where it's 12 degrees. I'll have to remember to dig my jumper out from the bottom of my case and put it in my hand luggage.

This post is about some more of the fauna we've seen on our holiday. The Australian Bustard beside the road near Undara was very stately. It was lovely to see one again after a break of many years.

The Wonga Vine, one of the few plants flowering at Undara, attracted butterflies and moths.

This tiny caterpillar dropped on to the newspaper from overhead foliage as we were having a cuppa - a remarkable creature. And the Lace Monitor Varanus varius is resident in the picnic area at Finch Hatton Gorge. I googled him and he's mentioned in lots of blogs.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Boobook
You will notice the weather change.
I don't get what it is with the Caterpillar. Is it upside down, or is it like a "case moth" with a tiny creature inside a "home-made caravan"?
Fancy that Lace Monitor of Finch Hatton Gorge being so famous! You should start a web-page for him, and put up a notice there, letting everyone post their images to a common site. I bet it is well fed.

mick said...

What a great variety of creatures for your last day here in QLD. I especially liked the pic of the flower with the tiny creatures on it.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Boobook,
Welcome back to Victoria. You might need more than ONE extra jumper though.
That caterpillar is an odd one. It looks like a crumb from a biscuit you were having with your cuppa.
I enjoyed the fungi pics - loved that rainbow coloured, (Bracket?).