Friday, 19 September 2008

A sad legacy

Thirty years ago a new house was built beside the country road in a lovely spot that is between a river and a state forest, and Ron and Thelma lived there for all of that time. Ron could be seen tending his garden most days. Recently Thelma died and Ron moved, so the property is for sale.
When I called in to have a look the other day I was sad to see another legacy of their occupation. Ron has been dumping his garden rubbish on the roadside opposite their home. It looks very pretty at the moment - but the garden plants shouldn't be there. They are now weeds.

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Dave said...

It is sad when a family ends. My neighbor died a couple years back. Before that I would see her everyday in her yard keeping her gardens growing. I was always envious of how nice hers always looked. The gardens are still there but not taken care of at all. That always makes me feel sad when I think of her.