Saturday, 22 August 2009

Another grasshopper

Another type of Matchstick or Morabine Grasshopper - he found us at the beautiful swimming lagoon at Airlie Beach.


Taki Kawakami said...

Thank you for beautiful photos. They remind me one of the best time in my life in Australia!

Just for your interest, grasshoppers (entry on 22 Aug), as far as I can recognise, belong to a genus Psednura (Pyrgomorphidae), which is different from morabine grasshoppers. All species of morabine grasshoppers are wingless. Juvenile Psednura grasshoppers do look like morabines because they are wingless! Grasshoppers on 19 Aug are morabines, I think.


Boobook said...

Thankyou Taki - that's very helpful information.