Sunday, 13 September 2009

Plastic scenery

Yesterday I travelled the highway between Geelong and Melbourne - it's part of our national highway, Highway 1, the Princes Highway. Normally I look for some of interesting raptors that hang out there, or look to see what sort of mood the You Yangs are in, or monitor the non-weeding being done on the garden beds (in other words - watch the weeds growing), or watch planes circling to land at Avalon Airport, or look at the spectacle of clouds over the flat plain or seek out the glimpses of the city skyline. But yesterday I got distracted by plastic bags, hundreds of plastic bags, caught on fences and in the foliage of plants and flapping in the strong west wind. This road is only a short distance from Port Phillip Bay and I pondered on the fact that I was only seeing the bags that had been caught. How many more have ended up in the water?

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