Saturday, 27 August 2011

Murphy's Laws

So, now that we are nearly home and can officially call ourselves grey nomads having been on the road for nearly eight weeks, I feel confident enough to advise future travellers.

1. Dust will get into the van no matter what measures are taken to prevent same.
2. If there is a bad pothole in the road you won't be able to avoid it because there will be an oncoming car.
3. If you are towing a van or camper trailer it is mandatory that you wave to all oncoming drivers of same. (A full wave, not just a lifting of a finger - and no, a trick hand stuck on the dash doesn't count.)
4. Trucks own the roads, especially b-doubles and road trains. Don't argue.
5. If the bitumen narrows there will be an oncoming car at that exact spot.
6. There will never be a safe pullover spot at any interesting swamp or wetland that's covered in birds.
7. And re #6, if you do spot an interesting something-or-other there will be no chance to do a u-turn withe the van in tow for at least 5 km.
8. Birds show their backsides only as they fly, never front or profile in good light.
9. The wind will pick up as soon as you set up to taken a macro flower photo.
10. If there is a photo op for a beautiful landscape the sun will be in the wrong spot and you won't have time to hang around.
11. Chat to a couple in the Broken Hill caravan park and they will be camped next to you at Cloncurry for sure.
12. Willie Wagtails are everywhere.
13. It never rains in QLD, NT or SA.
14. Grey nomads know which station in town sells the cheapest petrol.
15. People are friendly everywhere.
16. Make sure you have fuel in the spare container.
17. Australia is big.


Denis Wilson said...

I am not yet nomadic, but I can relate to many of "Murphy's Laws" there.

JSK said...

How I sympathize/empathize with 6 to 10. Over and over and over :-)