Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Toothed Jelly

After a week of heavy rain Valda and I headed down the coast to one of our favourite spots, Blanket Leaf Picnic Ground north of Lorne. Our goal? Fungi.

The Great Otway National Park and other reserves in the Otway Ranges protect an astonishing suite of fungi, ferns and flora but it can be hard to find them because of inaccessibility. Especially if you are 'of a certain age'. Blanket Leaf PG appeals because there is a path through a wet forest of treeferns, eucalypts (and Blanket Leaf Bedfordia arborescens) leading to Cora Lynn Cascades and beyond, and the forest floor is thick with lovely wet mulch, mosses and lichens, fallen timber and smaller ferns and plants.

We found lots of fungi and we're still trying to identify most of them. Fungi can be frustrating, but they are mighty interesting. I do enjoy the process but inevitably find that we've failed to take note of or photograph the crucial identifying feature!!

But this is one I can identify and it's a beauty. It's a Toothed Jelly Pseudohydnum gelatinosum. I'd never seen one before. Unfortunately I had to resort to using the flash because in the gloom I couldn't tweak the camera settings to get a decent depth of field or decent shutter speed so the colours here are a little blown out but you can see how beautiful it is. And also unfortunately, the entry in Fungi Down Under states that it 'is very jelly-like and shivers when touched' and I never touched it!

Now... on to the other 25 species. Where's my Fuhrer?


Anonymous said...

I hope you weren't there on the long weekend!!

Snail said...

but inevitably find that we've failed to take note of or photograph the crucial identifying feature!!

Same here! Now I want to find one so I can see it do its jelly thing.

The Otways are tops for fungi. I look forward to seeing more of them (with or without names attached)!

Gouldiae said...

G'day Boobook,
I too share your trepidation with IDing fungi. My fungi folder is loaded with 'unknowns' that one day I might find the time or enthusiasm to name. But yeah, they are fascinating to photograph, and, they don't fly away!