Thursday, 9 January 2014


I have photographed this ephemeral swamp regularly in the last decade. It used to be a cleared paddock, used for grazing cattle, but is now a bluegum plantation. The location is Homerton in Western Victoria.

I was interested to see whether the reeds and rushes would regenerate after the stock were removed. We have had several wet years after the decade-long drought and there appears to have been quite a bit of regrowth. And it's interesting to see that the eucalypt has recuperated as well.

January 2006
January 2007
November 2007
January 2009
October 2011
January 2014

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Titania said...

I think it is wonderful your dedication to photograph the same area over a period of years. 2014 looks so serene with its quiet pond restored by enough rain. It will be a heaven for all sorts of insects, birds, mammals and naturally aquatic plus moisture loving plants.