Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Westall Way Loop, Streaky Bay

Stacks on coastline near Tractor Beach, Streaky Bay
The tourist pamphlet at Streaky Bay suggested the Westall Way Loop, a drive around the coastline south of the town. We didn't have time to do the full loop ( it would have been good to see the extensive sand dunes) but we went to have a look at the eroded coast near Tractor Beach. The sea was calm but I can imagine it is more tempestuous times as there are surf beaches nearby.

I was amazed at how many shrubs and forbs were flowering. The heathy vegetation was looking beautiful and all of the following plants were growing near each other in just a few square metres on a cliff.


Prostanthera calycina West Coast Mintbush. 
Love Creeper
Lomandra effusa

Lasiopetalum discolor Velvet Bush

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mick said...

Thanks for these posts. I am enjoying reading about your trip. The photos are great and I admire your ability to see the wide landscapes and then to focus in on the tiny details of some of the vegetation. The drops of water on the flowers make these ones extra beautiful and I wonder if it was from a rain storm or heavy overnight dew?