Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Pildappa Rock

At Minnipa we turned north off the Eyre Highway and travelled about 15 km to Pildappa Rock. It's south of the Gawler Range and different altogether geologically speaking.

The wave at Pildappa Rock
The rock is an inselberg of pink granite formed about 7 km below the surface and exposed by erosion. It's most attractive feature is the wave and there are numerous gnamma rockholes on the top of the rock, many holding water when we visited. Some had vegetation and one had tadpoles.

Pildappa Rock and Gawler Range in the background.

Mosses, lichens and succulents on the rock.

Flowering vegetation in one of the rockholes (and a butterfly wing).

Tadpoles in a rockhole.

Vegetation in a rockhole

Pildappa Rock was a delightful place to visit.

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