Sunday, 17 June 2007

Up the creek

We started in bright sunshine. At Ceres in the Barrabool hills I just had to stop and take some photos of the Barwon River valley covered in fog. It looked spectacular and I'm pleased with the photos.

By the time we got to Winchelsea to meet up with other field naturalists it was cold and wet. In the rain we explored the riparian vegetation of the Barwon River with two men who have been very involved, with others, in weeding and planting. The gorse, blackberry and willow have been replaced by Black Wattle, Gynatrix, River Red Gum, Blackwood, poas and sedges. They've had great success despite the drought. It's hard to take photos when your gloves are wet, your fingers frozen, your glasses covered in rain drops and your nose dripping! But several of us found some lovely little fungi species to photograph.

The weather cleared and we went further upstream to see a section of the river that a farmer has fenced off from animals. He's installed a solar pump to take the water to the stock rather than the other way round. The River Red Gums lining the river were ancient and we thought they were wonderful. So did the cockatoos, galahs, corellas and Red-rumped Parrots. We also found Callistemon sieberi and Leptospermum myrsinoides. Dave took home a scoop of the river water to identify the invertebrates under his microscope. It would be good to go back in a decade or so to see what grows now that the stock has been excluded.


Duncan said...

Nice shots of the fungi, they're good value at this time of the year, fascinating plants.

Gouldiae said...

Great fungi pics Boobook48! At least they don't fly off the moment you have the camera cocked. I'm enjoying your blog since being introduced to it by Duncan.

boobook48 said...

Thanks Duncan and gouldiae. It would be great to be able to ID the fungi photos. It's not for want of reference books - I have at least three as well as the Fungimap webpage - but it's still difficult. Last winter I submitted several photos and GPS reference points to Fungimap and was delighted when they were accepted. One though, that I had been confident about, they rejected (with some nice comments though so I don't lose heart altogether)! Oh well. Back to the books.