Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Holidays have to come to an end unfortunately, but it was fun down on the farm at Heywood with the (extended) family.

The bush was dry, and the spring flowering over of course, but there were several areas of heath plants flowering well. The adult emu with about 10 young in tow gave us a surprise when they wandered across the track - well, the surprise was mutual really, and the chicks scattered in all directions.

Because of the lack of flowers I concentrated on finding insects in the foliage, with some success. It's great to find things tucked away in foliage and bark, getting on with what they do best. I found this beautiful little Triangular Spider on the edge of a leaf, sitting in its scrappy web with its big front legs stretched across the width of the leaf.

I took several photos, and when I looked again after fussing with camera controls ... it had caught a fly! I missed it. But I did get some good shots of the fly held firmly in the spider's grasp.

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Denis Wilson said...

Well captured!
That's to both of you.