Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Mothing at noon

Here's a challenge for my blogging friends who seem to be able to stay up half the night mothing and record beautiful photographs of their 'catch'. I need my beauty sleep so finding a moth in the daytime is a bonus.

The Billy Buttons (Craspedia sp.) on Mt Loch near Hotham were flowering last weekend, and some had finished flowering. They were attracting a large range of invertebrates, including this colourful moth on a button past its prime.

I'm thinking it might be an Oriental Tiger Moth Phaos aglaophara. Can anyone confirm that?


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Boobook
Sorry I cannot help. Found only one image of a pinned specimen on CSIRO Entomology Site (which you probably found).

I am no good with pinned specimens, vs live ones.

Going to sleep now!

Duncan said...

I've never seen it Boobook, but I think your identification is on the ball.

Tyto Tony said...

The things we learn! Tried to chase down your moth via CSIRO sites. And found it, but there doesn't appear to be an Oriental Tiger Moth. And there are no pix under common name Tiger Moth, which are diff species. But there's good one under P. aglaophara in the Arctiidae section.

Can you guess it's raining cats, dogs and moths up here this morning?


Boobook said...

Thanks everyone. Sounds like I'm on teh right track, with the scientific name at least. And it's 45 degrees here!!!