Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Wind damage

Last Thursday we travelled to the Sale on our way to the Victorian alps, calling in to Mt Worth reserve on the way.

It was a shocker of a day - hot, windy and dusty - and just when we decided to have lunch at Mt Worth there was a wind storm with thunder and lightning and heavy rain. We had it all. But then the sun came out and we had time to explore the area a little. I'm going back one day because it looks really interesting. The views over the Latrobe Valley were a bonus.

On the way out of the park to Mirboo North we found our way obstructed by several trees that had come down in the storm. A majority vote decided that we would go back the way we'd come in, but our leader over-ruled us so we set about attacking the obstacles. After about half an hour we succeeded in clearing a path between the trees and the cliff on the driver's side and made it through.

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Denis Wilson said...

More excitement than you needed, no doubt.