Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tamed and untamed

What a lovely state Tasmania is. We've had delightful weather so she's looking her best.

The Black Ducks are obviously used to being fed so mother brought her ducklings up to the motel door as well. I'd much prefer to see them a little wilder.

Day one we explored South Arm. I've never been there before so it was great to see miles of exposed mud flats (I don't have a telescope with me of course) and wonderful views of Hobart and Mt Wellington. A new road sign for me - Oystercatchers aren't in such big numbers where I come from. Definitely a place to revisit.

And today we drove up past Mt Field to Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon. Not really lakes of course, but dams. It was interesting to see the places we've read about so much about over the last 30 years, and sad to imagine the beautiful lake drowned below to waters of Pedder. I wasn't really expecting to find the rugged mountain ranges - I thought it would be a plateau for some reason. Maybe I was thinking of the plains further south. We drove through bush most of the way up to the dams but I didn't see too many mature trees because the loggers (and fire) have been there first.

Off to the west coast tomorrow.

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