Thursday, 23 July 2009

Exporing the Warrumbungles

The weather cleared and we've had a beautiful sunny day in which to explore the Warrumbungle range that we last saw 20 years ago. And we had time to visit Siding Springs Observatory as well. Lots of birds calling - so pleasant after the extremely quiet bush around Geelong - and I had great views of spinebills, currawongs, a Fan-tailed Cuckoo and Red-browed Firetails.

The plants in the understory are just starting to flower. Apparently there are over six hundred species here so it must be spectacular in spring. I'm not familiar with the species below but they're very pretty.

There are one and a half emus in the photo below - you wouldn't think such a big bird could hide so easily.


Boobook said...

My friends on Flickr tell me the white flower is Styphelia triflora.

Kerrie said...

Gosh Mum was that 20 years ago we went there!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Boobook
Lovely flowers. The red spiky one might be in the Epacrid clan, but I am away from home, so cannot help with any names. Its a nice plant, though.
The purple might be a Hovea (unless it was a scrambler, in which case I would guess Hardenbergia violacea).
How did you persuade the Emus to hide like that? They normally clear off when people come close, unless they are used to being fed, in which case they will steal your lunch out of your hand.
Enjoy your holiday.