Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Goonoo to Warrumbungle

We avoided the Newell Highway and drove from Dubbo to Coonabarabran via the Goonoo NP and the interesting little village of Mendooran. Lots of wattle was flowering and several other species as well so the drive was looking very colourful. It's probably spectacular in spring. The park is home to Glossy Cockatoos and Malleefowls but we didn't see either of course.

It was raining as we drove in to the Warrumbungle National Park, and because it's school holidays we weren't sure that we would get one of the powered sites in the campsite here, but actually we not only have power we have hot showers, emus and kangaroos in the camp, full TV reception and mobile phone reception and as a bonus I also have full mobile modem reception. Perfect.

I don't have any reference books with me so can't name the species flowering in the Goonoo NP.

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Boobook. You are the second female Aussie Nature Blogger in the Warrumbungles in the last few days.
Sheryl from "Woman on the Mountain" has just posted about her recent visit.
At least you are bringing some rain there. They need it.