Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Standing at attention

This is a new one for me. These little caterpillars were on a gum leaf, tails up (or down depending on which side of the leaf you're on), and they seem to have globules at both ends. While I was watching they didn't move at all. I've no ideas for an ID. Maybe they're not even caterpillars.


Gouldiae said...

G'day Boobook,
How weird are they? Looks like they've been enjoying the leaf as a meal. I wonder if the stance is a bluffing or camouflage manoeuvre for protection?
Sorry I can't help with the ID, but I'll keep checking here to see if someone can.

Duncan said...

They're sawfly caterpillars, Boobook.

Boobook said...

Well, well. I would never have guessed that they were ordinary old sawfly lavae - I must have been walking around with my eyes shut :) They don't look like this as they mature.