Monday, 27 July 2009

Taking sides

I'm not sure what the land-clearing laws are in Queensland but apparently the land owners are still allowed to push natural vegetation. This is what we saw on our left as we drove towards Dirranbandi, bush that is grazed by sheep or cattle (and feral goats and pigs).

And this is what we saw on our right. The vegetation in the paddock has been recently dragged flat - a lot of the trees still had green leaves. In this area we also saw huge privately-owned dams for irrigation purposes. The infamous Cubbie Station is also in this area.

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Anonymous said...

hi bookbook48

nice trip photos, except for this one...

you should email it to the qld natural resources govt dept, they might not know about it if it's out of the way

check out this sad footage of logging in Tassy i saw on the the greens website today

can you guess who this is by the way?!