Friday, 24 July 2009

Lunch time

Time for a coffee stop, keep a lookout for a likely spot, one with natural vegetation, shelter from wind or shade (whichever applies), level, accessible. There's one. Pull over and fill the kettle, wander around with the camera and binoculars while waiting for kettle to boil.

Our choice of a spot south of Coonamble was a gem. Really it was just an entrance to a station - mailbox (an old fridge) and a gate with the station name attached, but the wide road had lots of trees. The mistletoe was flowering and the trees had hollows and fallen timber underneath, only one car travelled alone the dirt road while we were there, a flat horizon with the blue Warrumbungles off into the distance to the south, the sun was shining and birds were flying from tree to tree and calling.

The grasshoppers were jumping around and in the roly-poly, and I found one little spider in amongst the prickles holding firmly to a little blue butterfly. It must have thought it was lunch time as well.

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Gouldiae said...

G'day Boobook,
Very evocative - I'm getting itchy feet. In my case, travel is not likely to happen any time soon, so I'm really enjoying your trip.