Monday, 26 March 2012

Birds aplenty

In my suburban back yard the Burgan Kunzea ericoides is covered in seed and above it the Yellow Gum is dense with gumnuts that must be providing shelter for insects. The cafe is open for business.

On these two plants this morning I've seen two birds new to this garden as well as a bunch of others. It's been an amazing half hour. Here's my list.

Willie Wagtails (a breedng pair this year - for a decade or so we only had one resident)
Eastern Spinebills (rarely seen in my garden)
Crimson Rosellas
Yellow-faced Honeyeater (rarely seen in my garden)
New Holland Honeyeaters
Yellow-rumped Thornbills
Grey Fantail (one)
Red Wattlebirds
Spotted Pardalotes (several)
Australian Magpies
Silvereyes (the beautiful Tasmanian form - maybe they've just arrived)
Spotted Doves

Which birds are new here, I hear you ask? The pardalotes (I've only seen Striated) and the Grey Fantail. I expect the pardalotes and the silvereyes will move on but it would be fantastic if the fantail decides to stay.

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