Monday, 2 June 2008

The Prom

Here in Victoria a visit to The Prom doesn't mean you've been to the high school formal dance - it means Wilsons Promontory National Park, the southernmost part of the Australian mainland.

I've just been to The Prom for a couple of days - nowhere near long enough - and I'm ashamed to say that it's twenty years since I was last there. We stayed at Tidal River, and explored some of the local beaches and bush walks. My calendar tells me it's winter but last weekend the weather was beautifully calm and sunny. The Prom was looking fabulous - granite mountains, numerous little beaches with boulder-strewn headlands, creeks, dune lakes, fern gullies and mangroves.

This is the estuary of Tidal River with Mt Oberon in the background. A nicely designed footbridge has been constructed across this creek, and tracks lead to the headlands and beaches to the north. The next photo was taken at Squeaky Beach, where the sand really is squeaky and very white. The last two photos were taken at Whisky Beach where the huge boulders looked amazing.

Tidal River

Squeaky Beach

Whisky Bay

Whisky Bay

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

These are lovely photos of rocks. Amazing colours and shapes. One time I was up near Gosford and walked along a beach where the rocks were like pavings, all perfectly squared. The world truly is an amazing place...until you read about people in it!