Thursday, 26 June 2008

Hay stacked in the wrong place

This makes my blood boil. It makes me cross and grumpy. Why do farmers think that their properties extend beyond the boundary fence, that they can store the hay on natural vegetation like it's a waste area? By doing this they're making the roadside into waste areas. The native plants are suppressed and the pasture seeds released from the hay have some bare ground to grow into. I've sent photos of six or seven examples in one small community to the council but got no reply. I'll try again next year - I'm sure I'll have some fresh photos for them after the next hay season.

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Duncan said...

Not only hay Boobook, but derelict machinery, piles of discarded plastic bale wrappers, general rubbish, etc.etc. I see it up here too, woe betide the ordinary householder if he/she did that sort of thing.