Monday, 27 October 2008

I'm on a learning curve

Well, I've learned something today. Denis Wilson commented on my last post that I had photographed ladybird larvae, and he's right. What I thought were different insects turns out to be mostly different stages of the ladybird cycle. This is a link to more information about the stages of the Common Spotted Ladybird Harmonia conformis that is on my shrub. And here is another photo as well as one of the 'thrips' or 'aphids' that are covering the shrub, mostly underneath the leaves. Now I have to find out exactly what they are - I've emailed photos to an entomologist friend for help.


Anonymous said...

Your 'thrips' are aphids of the same species, probably Macrosiphum sp. - they make things complicated because they have several morphs.

Duncan said...

If I was an aphid I'd be shakin' to see that thing approaching!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Boobook
Glad you followed up the Ladybird larva issue. I am familiar with the wonderful Chew Family insect site, but had never noticed the photos of the Ladybirds at "pupa" stage before, so I have learnt something too.