Saturday, 18 October 2008

Halladale Point

We walked out to Halladale Point on the Great Ocean Road, and admired the ocean swirling around the rocks.

And when we saw the information board we looked at the scene with fresh eyes. The Falls of Halladale was wrecked at this place, and remained stuck on the rocks long enough to draw a crowd of spectators. What a sight. The sea was relatively calm the day we were there but the whole stretch of coastline is known as the 'shipwreck coast' because of the number of ships that came to grief there in the 1800s.


mick said...

Beautiful scenery but I am sure it could be wild out on a boat. My father told us stories of traveling on a sail boat as a very small boy in the early 1900's and it sure sounded hazardous.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Boobook
Thanks for the memories. I was the regional tourist officer for SW Victoria in 1978/9 - when I helped organise the cententary of the Loch Ard disaster, near Port Campbell.
Amazing stories of the numerous shipwrecks along the GOR.
Great to see the photo of this shipwreck - well recorded in 1908. Nice to be able to match up the location with the rocky outcrop in your photo.