Sunday, 25 October 2009

More of the plains

The Little River carves through the landscape and has rocky banks and cliffs. It is in this harsh environment that an aged Hop-bush Dodonaea viscosa survives despite a decade of low rainfall. The bushes we saw were covered in red seed cases.

We found the the nationally vulnerable Large-fruit Groundsel Senecio macrocarpus in the grassland ,and the beautiful Blue Devil Eryngium ovinium - hard to believe it's in the Apiaceae family.

Also hidden in the grassland was a baby Singing Bushlark. The adults were quite agitated until we moved on.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Boobook
Nice surprise to find the fledgling Bushlark,
Blue Devils are always noce to find. Such distinctive plants, when you find them.

Gouldiae said...

Nice stuff Boobook,
The only native grasslands left around here are on the sides of some of the roads. By the look of that Blue Devil, I hope you were wearing some spats.