Tuesday, 20 October 2009


One of the orchids we found at Anglesea on Sunday was Caladenia tentaculata, the Mantis Orchid (or Large Green-comb). There were quite a few, tucked away in the heath, looking very beautiful.

But there were two that have me confused. I can't decide what they are. The combs of C. tentaculata extend above the tip of the anther whereas those of the one below are quite short. The bottom photo may just be a Mantis Orchid past its prime, but the one immediately below is different. It could be C. phaeoclavia or C. dilatata. And I've just noticed the lack of wings on the column of the flower above. Now I'm really confused. Maybe it is C. dilatata. I think I'll take up a different hobby :(

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Boobook
Junior Lepid (over at "Fungi of Great Western") has just posted photos she found of Caladenia dilatata, (Arachnorchis) which look exactly right for your plants.
I think the second last plant is an old specimen, fading fast.
She is near Stawell, in the Grampians.
Unfortunately I do not get any Spider Orchids up my way. They don't like Sydney Sandstone, it seems.