Monday, 16 May 2011

Town Swamp

Kerang is bordered on one side by the Loddon River and by swamps on the other sides. In fact the town itself was probably built on a swamp. They have such imaginative names too - Back Swamp, Fowlers and Town.

Yesterday I explored Town Swamp again because the floods and heavy rains earlier this year have filled the swamps and they are a birdwatchers delight at the moment. Town Swamp has several well-maintained walking tracks, information boards, seats, picnic spots and a bird hide. Perfect. A section of the swamp abuts the Loddon River so there are two environments to explore - the treed river and the lignum swamp. And it is less than a kilometre from the town's centre. I saw an assortment of herons and ducks, a kingfisher (I think Sacred but I was too far away to be sure, and should it be here still anyway?), one Black-tailed Native Hen, and there were honeyeaters and pardalotes calling.

The Kerang Primary School maintains this picnic area on the Loddon River. Other service groups in town are responsible for particular areas along the path.


Gouldiae said...

G'day Boobook,
Isn't it nice to see some water again in our inland areas? Shame we/they had to go through such devastation to achieve it but it makes a wonderful difference to the landscape. Planning a trip up to Gluepot in a few months time and have been looking forward to seing the change in some of those places since I was last through.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how I can get in touch with you for using one of your photos of a Leaf-Curling spider that I found on Flickr for a non-fiction reader that we are hoping to publish? Thank you.

Boobook said...

Hi Anon
I've added my email address to my profile here. You can also send me a message from the Flickr page by clicking my little icon on the right side and then selecting 'profile'.