Monday, 16 May 2011

Kerang Weir on the Loddon

The weir is on the Loddon River just north of Kerang and has been there for a while. My husband remembers camping out there when he was a scout, and that was quite a few decades ago!

I've seen it in many moods but today it was a torrent, comparatively speaking - for the last decade it has been almost dry because the Loddon stopped flowing in the drought. After the floods in January the water is gradually draining off the land so there was a strong current running today.

There is a new addition to the weir. It's a fishway. You can see it in on the left the picture above. It was installed a year or so ago and was the first on the Loddon. It allows fish such as Murray Cod and Golden Perch to move upstream and downstream along 46 kilometres of river whereas in the past the weir was a barrier. There are now better opportunities for spawning migrations, genetic diversity, feeding, shelter, and safety. Fish swim upstream through the fishway and exit above the barrier.

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Anonymous said...

Since when has a few decades ago represented 50 years !!!!!!!!