Friday, 27 July 2007

Is this a good spot to park?

Every year the Masked Lapwings nest on the university campus, usually choosing a spot in the middle of a lawn area. And every year the man mowing the lawns has to avoid the spot for a few weeks.

Well this year the birds have chosen to nest in a carpark, and every time someone walks past they have are warned off with a gentle scold. No doubt the warnings will be much noisier when the chicks hatch.

Masked Lapwing nesting in carpark

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Anonymous said...

G'day Boobook 48.
Yes, don't those Lapwings choose some difficult spots to raise a family?
I recall a pair nesting annually inside the refuelling compound at an airport. They had to cling desperately to the ground each time an aircraft swung near and blasted them with its slipstream.
Your blogs are great, keep them coming,