Tuesday, 5 February 2008

They call my garden home

My garden must be home for any number of creatures because when I actually go looking I usually find something. The little green spider was hanging on its web suspended between two leaves on the Darwinia citriodora bush, and the tiny pale spider didn't appear to have a web (although I do see a bit of web-like stuff in the bottom right of the photo). It just hung around at the bottom of a clump of a fine-leafed Lomandra growing in a pot and I only saw it because it moved when I watered.


Dave said...

My garden is under a foot of snow right now. I doubt if there's anything moving.

Anonymous said...

Such a different season here, (Gippsland), too Boobook. Our garden seems inundated with insect life this year. Just some of the spiders to be easily found include - St Andrews Cross, Leaf Curlers, Long Jaws, Spinys, Garden Orbs, Wolf, Huntsmen, etc. Wonderful! I'm enjoying your blog, thanks.