Sunday, 20 December 2009

Round the twist

It was a perfect day today - low twenties, no wind, sunny with beautiful cloud formations - so we went to the beach. (No, not to swim. I know it's unAustralian but I detest swimming in the sea.) We went to explore some areas we haven't been to for a while.

It's years since we've been to the lighthouse on Split Point at Aireys Inlet on the Great Ocean Road, even though we've driven past heaps of times. You may remember the lighthouse as the star of the television series 'Round the Twist'. Last time we were there we drove up to have a look but this time we had to walk because the parking has been formalised and the cliffs and clifftops protected and revegetated. 'They' (whichever authority is responsible) have done a great job with the paths, steps and fencing.

It was interesting to compare the lush vegetation with an old photo in the cafe in the old keepers cottage - it showed the lighthouse on a bare hill in 1910. One of the few plants flowering today was the Sea Box Alyxia buxifolia. It's an uncommon shrub of exposed clifftops and well worth a second look. The small white flowers are very beautiful because the petals twist in a spiral and have fluted edges. They're going 'round the twist' as well.

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