Thursday, 21 January 2010

Buffalo jumping with hoppers

Almost every tree or shrub that I looked at on Mt Buffalo had a hopper hiding on stems and leaves. They're tricky little critters to photograph because they duck and hide the minute a lens appears. Several of these were easy because they appear to have been caught in spider webs. The last one, a vision in white, had just emerged from its previous shell and was gathering strength.
I'd be grateful if anyone could identify any of these.


Denis Wilson said...

Some amazing insects there.
Especially the dark ones - interesting shapes.
Hope someone can help with the IDs for you.

Snail said...

There's a NSW gov web site that has a guide to Australian leafhoppers. It's very useful, but I usually end up looking through the images rather than using the key.

(Word verification = zotted. Love it!)