Sunday, 7 February 2010

Industry and birds co-existing

Summer wader count time again, and that includes the Moolap salt works. The ponds are within cooee of the centre of Geelong and large numbers and variety of birds find it a congenial place to live while they're on their annual visit. Sometimes it can be spectacular, sometimes disappointing but it's always interesting. Today we didn't see anything unusual but the fog didn't lift for a while so the light was amazing, and then when it did lift we complained about the heat! (BTW, you have to get permission to walk in but a lot can be seen from certain spots on the surrounding roads.) The photos below don't show the waders (my camera is good but not that good) but they do show the proximity of the surrounding industries.

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Sebastian said...

Wow! That's quite a contrast. It reminds me of the five islands group off Port Kembla, NSW. Those islands are the breeding grounds for every silver gull on the entire southern coast of NSW. Their backdrop is the enormous Port Kembla steelworks.

Great shots.