Monday, 17 January 2011

High country

With damaging floods in Queensland and northern New South Wales, and the forecast of very high rainfall in west and central Victoria we decided to head for the high country.

No, the truth is the Geelong Field Nats' camp at Falls Creek in the alps had been organised weeks beforehand. We drove up to the ski lodge on Thursday, an extremely humid day, and on Friday it rained continuously so we couldn't get out into the field at all. It's the first time I've played board games at a camp!

Saturday and Sunday were perfect. The Snow Gums are recovering from the fires that went through several years ago but the sculptural beauty of their skeletons was breathtaking. We thoroughly enjoyed looking for plants and insects we never see in our patch.

Sky Lily Herpoliron novae-zelandiae 

Yellow Kunzea Kunzea muelleri

Alpine Trachymene Trachymene humilis

To be continued...


Snail said...

The high country is so beautiful. Am envious of you. Haven't been there for ... well ... decades.

Did you see any of those wonderful alpine grasshoppers?

Boobook said...

Hi Snail. The high country in summer is an absolute delight. And yes, we found the grasshopper - later today I'll post about insects we found. And some other plants. And some reptiles. And some ...