Friday 18 March 2011

Harps and elliots

Another new experience for me today - microbats caught in a harp trap. Yesterday Trevor had set the trap on a bush track in the stony rises at Stonyford and we checked them this morning. Result? Two sleepy little microbats, Large Forest Bats, that were weighed and measured and placed in a calico bag. (They'll be released after dark tonight.)

Then we checked the elliott traps set up amongst the rocks on the stony rises. Result? A house mouse and about eight cute female Bush Rats. (Does the word cute reveal my gender?)


Denis Wilson said...

Cute is appropriate.
I have never seen a "Harp Trap" before, so thanks for that. Familiar with Mist nets for birds, but wondered how Bats managed to not get hopelessly tangled. Think I understand now.
Many thanks.

Boobook said...

Thanks Denis.
Yes, the bats fly into the 'harp strings' then slide down into the well which has plastic curtains that they can climb into to shelter and sleep. The traps are checked each morning.