Saturday, 22 October 2011


Question. Why do blowflies congregate on tree debris on sunny days? The photos aren't great but in one you can see that there are thirteen in one small area. When I disturb them they buzz about noisily for a few seconds and then land again in the same area.

Yesterday we came down to our farm at Homerton for a few days but I'm a bit wary because today we've seen two Tiger Snakes and a leech has had a good feed of my blood!

The Wiltypolls (hairy sheep) we bought to keep the grass down around the house have pushed through the electrified fence into the farm paddock so the grass is rather long. They are very cute sheep but ... Hmmm. Plan B?

But my bird list is good so far. Forty-one species around the house paddock, including a Swamp Harrier. Haven't seen one of those here for years. And the Blue-winged Parrots are back in the same spot as last summer.

I'm amazed at how many White-necked Herons there are at the moment. There were one or two in nearly every swamp in the 300 kms between here and Geelong. I think that on the way home I'll gps each sighting and atlas them.

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Helen Schofield said...

I saw my first white necked heron today, at Clarkesdale bird sanctuary (Trust for Nature open day) near Linton