Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Vegie garden wildlfe

Yesterday I mentioned a skipper butterfly that 'got away' - I couldn't get a photo. Today I managed to get photos good enough to get a positive ID. And it turned out to be a species that I've found in my garden, in other summers, on grevilleas and lomandra. Today it was on garlic chive flowers, grass and tomatoes. It's a relatively common skipper species Greenish Grass-dart Ocybadistes walkeri.

And this little bee was on the garlic chive flowers as well. It's a resin bee Megachile leucopyga. On the BrisbaneInsects webpage it's called Gold-barred Resin Bee. Apparently they build nests in holes of hardwood timber, including man-made drilled holes. The entrance is usually sealed with a solid resin plug. They provision their brood with pollen and nectar.

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Snail said...

These pics (and the bee from a couple of days ago) are just perfect!