Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hovells Creek

Hovells Creek, west of the You Yangs
It was a regular outing for the birding group but this time we visited a special place. Hovells Creek meanders through private property west of the You Yangs and it's home to birds that we don't see very often in other areas around Geelong.

Despite the gale-force winds we saw a lot of birds - beautiful Rainbow Bee-eaters and Striated Pardalotes nesting in the holes in the sandy riverbanks of Hovells Creek, Jacky Winters, a pair of White-winged Trillers, Rufous Whistlers, a Black Falcon, White-browed Woodswallows, martins, Fan-tailed Cuckoos and Red-rumped Parrots and many others.

It's a pleasure to go birdwatching with such skilled people. They observe behaviour and jizz, listen to vocal fragments, catch a glimpse of colour and unerringly pinpoint the species. For them the joy of observing the birds never diminishes. I watch and learn.

Waiting for the Trillers to return to their tree.

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