Friday, 6 September 2013

Mothing in Wedderburn

This post is just for the record, in case it's something unusual. We pulled in to the lovely caravan park at Wedderburn this afternoon and set about setting up the van, making ourselves comfortable for the next three days and looking forward to exploring the natural environment around here. 

I wasn't intending to do any mothing but this one decided to fly inside to explore our van. I'm hoping that someone will identify it for me as I don't have any references with me. Maybe Duncan, or Marilyn.

Which reminds me. A huge high five for Marilyn Hewish, our resident moth expert, birdo and all-round naturalist. We heard this week that she has been awarded the this year's Natural History Medallion. She's the third member of the Geelong Field Nats to win the medallion and we're very proud of her and excited for her.

Update: MH has identified this as a Noctuidae, an Agrotis species, probably Agrotis munda. She further adds, "As can be said for many groups, Agrotis species in Victoria need a good taxonomic study to sort them out."

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