Monday, 30 June 2014

Flinders Ranges: Fauna

Some of the fauna we saw in the Flinders Rangers. Of note were the hundreds of kangaroos of several species (Western Grey, Red and Eulo) feeding at all times of the day.

Our campsite on Willow Springs was next to dry creek bed lined with River Red Gums and Callitris grew further up the rocky hillsides. We were pleased to share the site with Red-capped Robins, Yellow-rumped Thornbills, Grey-crowned Babblers and Australian Ravens. We were a hop and a skip from Stokes Lookout which is a favoured spot to find the elusive Short-tailed Grasswrens but the time of year and the atrocious weather defeated my attempts to find any in residence.

We also saw a huge feral cat creeping its way up a rocky hillside. One of many in the Flinders I imagine.

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