Saturday, 12 April 2008

A hole in the ground

Ondit quarry

Many of the lakes on the volcanic plains don't have water in them but this large quarry at Ondit near Red Rock does. The Chesnut Teal, Coots and Black Ducks seemed to be enjoying it.

I know bluestone is essential as a crushed rock for road making and as a concrete aggregate. I know they use it to build up railway lines. I know they use it as building blocks and paving. But it does leave a rather big hole in the ground. At least it's not on the side of a mountain like the scoria quarries.


Junior Lepid said...

Have they closed this quarry, or are they still working sections of it?

At least it has become a bit of an oasis for birds in an otherwise parched landscape.

It's a great photo.

Boobook said...
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Boobook said...

Oops, Sorry Junior. Got myself in a muddle re deleting and posting! What I said was that the quarry is a working one, and the photo shows only part of it. It's a big hole.