Monday, 21 April 2008

A 'rose' by any other name

About 15 years ago I planted a correa in my garden. The label said it was Correa reflexa var. nummulariifolia originating from a coastal area in western Victoria. It has grown into a low shrub about a metre high and flowers almost continuously. I never have to prune it or water water it, and it fills its designated space very nicely as a foliage plant because the flowers are not very impressive. Unlike the big and colourful flowers on this lovely correa.

Correa reflexa

The Correa reflexa Common Correa group of plants are impressive on the whole and there are a wide variety of colours and shapes sought after by collectors. They are found all over Victoria. The main identifying feature are the two bracts clasping the flower, shown in the photo above. But look at the photo (below) of the correa growing in my garden. No bracts. I went searching in my reference books, and found that my correa was moved into the Correa backhouseana group years ago. In 1973 in fact. Well before I bought my plant as a seedling.

Correa backhouseana

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Lynette Weir said...

Hello Boobook - I just love correas! I have also just blogged about the 3 in my garden as well - they are flowering now...