Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Where there's smoke there's fire

Apropos of the smoke haze blog several days ago. They're burning the grassland in the suburbs as well.

A notice in the paper warned that they were going to burn Seaview Park when conditions were right so I wasn't surprised when I drove past this morning and noticed the blackened escarpment. A click on the label 'Seaview Park' below will take you to earlier blogs about this wonderful little patch of natural grassland in the suburb of Belmont in Geelong. All of our grasslands need a regular burn so this one should be very beneficial. Here are the before and after photos - the first one was taken in August 2007. I'm already looking forward to next spring to see what comes up.

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Snail said...

About that smoke haze ... today it was thick all the way to Shepparton. Quite thick in places too.