Saturday, 12 April 2008

A tale of dead fish

Instead of travelling back to Geelong from Colac on the Princes Highway we went north to Cressy to see what state the lakes are in. And this is what we found.

Lake Colac is almost dry - just a bit of water at the south end near Colac. And along the northern shoreline at Ondit there are thousands of dead European Carp. Of course they are a huge pest in our waterways so I don't mind them dying but it makes you wonder what else has died. We only notice the carp because they are so big. The boat ramp won't be used for a while.

Lake Colac

Lake Colac

Lake Cundare was also dry and because it's a saltier lake it was glistening in the sun. The whole area is a wetland of international significance! That's Mount Warrion in the background, yet another volcano on the volcanic plain.

Lake Cundare

OK, I've talked a fair bit about how dry the volcanic plains are. Maybe I'll give the topic a rest.

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Dave said...

Should we be doing a rain dance for you BooBook? I'm sure if the fish aren't doing well, animals aren't either.