Saturday, 19 July 2008

Tropical delights

We've walked on a lot of walks in the rain forests of north Queensland in the last couple of weeks. The forests are extremely beautiful and lush ... but dark. And most of the good stuff happens way up in the canopy, and at night. But these are a few of the things I noticed and was able to photograph.

I was totally fascinated by this tree. The flowers grow straight out of the trunk, even at ground level. It's called Bumpy Satinash Syzygium cormiflorum and is common in the rain forests of north Queensland. Apparently the fruit bats and possums find them a very attractive food source too.

And in this one too, the buds were growing from the lower trunk of a very tall tree.

These are the buttresses of the Red Tulip Oak.

And Tully claims to be the wettest town in Australia, hence the gum boot. It was so wet when we were there I took this photo from inside the car.

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Mosura said...

What an interesting tree. I have heard of them before but never had the opportunity to see one.