Wednesday, 23 July 2008

All is well in the world

I'd been home for a full day before I remembered that the magpies were building a nest in my tree when I left for Queensland. This morning I went out to check (carefully keeping my eyes away from the oxalis that has enveloped my garden in my absence). I was delighted to see a big beak over the edge of the nest, so obviously a parent bird is sitting on the eggs.


Duncan said...

Welcome home Boobook, been following your trip with interest, and to be truthful, envy! Usually our maggies take no notice of us during nesting season, but one year we were away when they started breeding, and when we got back they gave us hell!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I haven't heard magpies around lately (in Newcomb). Hey, what do you do about the swooping season? Wear a big hat with eyes on it?
Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

Boobook said...

Hi Wendy and Duncan
Our nesting maggies are very quiet. I only hear an occasional warble from one sitting in a nearby tree, answered immediately from the bird sitting on the nest. As to swooping, in my experience my husband is the chosen target not me - I've got no idea why but I'm not complaining:)